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Can you travel to America with a Criminal Record?

This is a very common question we are often asked by people worried that they miss out on their pre-arranged family trip, or might be stopped at immigration upon arrival in the country after a lengthy flight, all simply because they have a drink or drug driving conviction.

If you’re travelling abroad and worried that your motoring conviction could result in being refused entry, always check the country’s policy. Declare any criminal convictions you may have in your application and before travelling, regardless of how minor they are.

When travelling to the USA, upon completing your ETSA online , if you have ever been arrested, you must declare this within the application – this is regardless of whether this led to a conviction.

If you have ever been arrested and or have a conviction you will be required to provide documentation in support of your application. You will also need to obtain an ‘Association of Chief police officers police certificate’ issued within six months of the date of the visa interview to be considered.

After this you will need to attend an interview at the US Embassy in order to secure your visa. This is a lengthy process and you should certainly not make any last minutes plans!

Honesty is the best policy as you don’t want to be caught out thousands of miles from home for failing to declare any convictions!

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