Appeal a Driving Ban

Appeal a Driving Ban – Disclosing Convictions to Employers

Firstly, the Court will not normally disclose this to your employer, however there is nothing stopping your local newspaper publishing the outcome of the Court hearing in the newspaper!

If you are not sure about whether you have a duty to disclose it to your employer, firstly you should check your company policies which you should adhere too. Your contract of employment may also hold the answer. If you are a member of a professional body, for example a Doctor registered with the General Medical Council – it would be wise speaking with a representative there.

Each profession has different guidance set out by their professional body.  However, if you need to discuss specific employment law issues, you would need to seek the advice of a specialist employment lawyer.

Can you appeal a Driving Ban?

If you need further guidance about whether you need to tell a potential employer, you should look at the following government guidance or ‘request a callback’. Alternatively, should you want more information regarding if you can appeal a driving ban, we suggest that you give one of our agents a call. Appealing a driving ban can be an impossible task without specialist Motoring Solicitors, we deal with similar cases daily.

Further information regarding Driving Bans and appealing them, are here. But, as cases like this can be difficult to defend we suggest that you contact us to discuss your individual case.

If you want advice from a member of our team give us a call (Manchester & North) 0161 839 5117 or call (London & South) 0207 903 5144.

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