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Mitigating Factors and Exceptional Hardship

Mitigating Circumstances to Avoid Driving Ban

If you are about to reach 12 penalty points on your licence we will be able to help you try to retain your driving licence and to relieve you of disqualification. If when you attend court, it is found that losing your licence would cause you exceptional hardship, it may be possible for the driving disqualification to be withheld.

Exceptional Hardship hearings are the cornerstone of our business and we have reached a level where we very rarely lose this sort of argument. To receive our assistance with an exceptional hardship hearing, contact us today.

Mitigating Circumstances (circumstances to avoid driving ban) may be used to stop you from reaching the 12 penalty points on your driving licence stage.

Our barristers and driving offence solicitors in London and Manchester (Nationwide) are experts in driving defence and driving ban cases. We will be able to fight your corner to ensure that you receive the right result in court.

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Defending Your Driving Licence

As with any other legal case you have the right to challenge the evidence you face. We are happy to assess any driving offence case. We will identify potential avenues of defence you may have which would lead to complete acquittal and avoid penalty points or disqualification.

Don’t let penalty points lead to your disqualification. We are ready to take your call and start your Driving Defence case today.

Below we have listed the driving offence that result in penalty points. We can help you to achieve the best possible result on any of these offences , supporting you with mitigation in court. See what our past clients say about our services.

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