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How Much Can I Drink and Still Drive?

How many units can you drink and drive?

The sensible answer to this question is that you should avoid drinking any alcohol before driving a vehicle, or make alternative arrangement such as taking public transport, taxis or using a designated driver.

Lots of websites will try and tell you the amount of each type of alcohol you can have and still safely drive but you should not trust this advice.

There are so many factors in determining how much alcohol you can consume before being over the legal limit, such as:

  1. The strength of alcohol consumed.
  2. The quantity of alcohol consumed.
  3. The individual’s height, weight, age, gender and body type.

 Our best advice is to stick to soft drinks if you plan on driving a motor vehicle. You don’t want to end up appearing before the Court because you thought you would be fine with that last drink before going home, because a website said you could have two pints or glasses of wine.

Should you require anymore information regarding the amount of alcohol you can consume before driving, checkout drink

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