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Driving Ban

Losing your driving licence due to a drink driving ban or drug driving, can have a drastic and negative effect on your livelihood and lifestyle.

If you or a member of your workforce have recently been caught speeding or committing another driving offence, you may be concerned that gaining new or additional penalty points on your driving licence will result in a totting up driving ban or prosecution.

Gaining too many points will often lead to a disqualification as a result of ‘totting up’ and very few of us realise that the loss of our licence will change our lives to a massive extent. The loss of employment is a very real possibility, and finding a new job can become very difficult. The day to day tasks that you need a car for all of a sudden become unachievable. The cost of insurance after a six month ban is often shockingly high.Drink Driving Ban - Criminal Offence - Traffic Offence SolicitorsTo avoid disqualification and the inconveniences that arise from it, there are two choices, Defence or Mitigation. We can help with both so do get in touch for free advice.

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