Foreign Licence in the UK

Foreign Licence in UK

A frequent question that we receive here at Hammond Trotter Solicitors is “can I drive on a foreign licence in UK?”

If you have received a notice of intended prosecution, you have a duty to respond and provide the information that is requested. If you were the driver of the vehicle caught speeding, you should provide the details.

Even though you do not have a UK licence, you will still receive a fixed penalty and penalty points will be endorsed on a record kept by the DVLA, often referred to as a ‘ghost licence’.

It may however be worth checking before you start driving, how long you are able to drive on a foreign licence whilst you are in the UK. If not, you could fall foul of committing a further offence of driving without a licence, which can carry the risk of further penalty points and a fine!

You should check on the following link below to see how long you are able to drive on a non UK licence whilst in the UK, before having to apply for a UK licence.

Alternatively, should you require some more information or wish to speak to one of the team, use the contact us page or fill in the ‘request a callback’ form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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