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Drug Driving

If you have been arrested or charged with a drug related driving offence it is essential that understand the law and you act quickly and secure yourself representation by the very best drug driving solicitors available.

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What exactly is Drug Driving?

“The action or offence of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, typically ones that are illegal”

This change now means that police no longer rely solely on the preliminary FIT test (Field Impairment Test) but instead, use a roadside screening device which tests for the presence of a variety of controlled drugs over a certain limit.

If you are like most people facing a drug driving charge, knowing exactly what the limits are and understanding them is no doubt the most important thing on your mind. Check out the latest news and laws regarding drug driving limits to further inform yourself regarding drink and drug driving loopholes.

What constitutes a Drug Driving Offence?

Being charged with driving on drugs brings with it its own set of unique challenges and potential pitfalls that you will not wish to face alone.

The two main types of drug driving offences that people are charged with are Driving or attempting to drive when unfit through drugs (DR80) or driving or attempting to drive with a level of drugs above the specified limit (DG10).

The main difference between these two drug driving charges is that, on both these types of charges the police usually perform a preliminary test to obtain a specimen to analyse for the presence of drugs in saliva. Failure to cooperate with police in carrying out the test will most likely end in your arrest.

The reasons for being over the legal threshold and the degree to which you are deemed impaired varies depending on the type of drugs you have taken and in what quantities (prescribed or non prescribed).

Should you find yourself being charged with a Driving on Drugs offence, it is essential to act quickly. Document everything you remember about your experience with the police to ensure the correct procedure has been followed, then contact the best drug drive solicitors available to ensure you have the greatest chance of avoiding a hefty fine, community punishment (such as unpaid work), a driving ban or even a jail sentence.

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What are the Consequences of a Drug Driving Charge?

Being charged with driving on drugs brings with it a variety of different chargeable offences resulting in various penalties.

Penalties can range from:

  • Disqualification starting at 12 months (36 months for the second relevant offence in 10 years)
  • Unlimited fine
  • Unpaid Work
  • imprisonment for up to six months

Motoring Drug Offences…

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