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Speeding Penalties

If you are caught speeding in the UK the penalty you receive will depend on how much over the speed limit you were when caught.

The minimum penalty for speeding in the UK is a £100 fine and 3 penalty points on your driving licence. These endorsements stay on your licence for at least 4 years after the date of conviction and your licence will be revoked if you acquire more than 12 penalty points. The maximum penalty for speeding could see you have your driving licence removed completely.

The table below shows the sentencing guidelines for speeding offences for Magistrates Courts.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has issued guidelines for the margin a driver can exceed the speed limit before they are charged. The speeding margin in generally 10 per cent over the speed limit plus 2 mph. These are only guidelines for action and a police officer can act apart from them as long as they are fair, consistent and proportionate.For more information on the prosecution threshold for speeding see the information on our speeding main page.Speeding penalties for new drivers who has passed their driving test within 2 years will have their driving licence revoked if they receive more than 6 penalty points on their licence. Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) are penalties for motoring offences amongst others which do not involve going to court. They are conditional offers where if you accept guilt, pay the fine and accept the penalty points the matter will be closed. If you do not accept the FPN then you will have to attend court. In motoring there are two types of Fixed Penalty Notices:

  • Endorsable – These will place penalty  points on your licence along with a fine. They are issued at the time of an offence and you must give the police your driving licence, either at the scene or within 7 days.
  • Non-endorsable – The penalties do not involve driving licence penalty points and generally have low fine amounts.

Endorsable fixed Fixed Fee Penatly Notices are fixed at 3 driving licence penalty points and a £100 fine regardless of the offence and does not take repeat offences into consideration. There is right of appeal against a FPN. In order to challenge the penalty you will have to take your case to court which could be a lengthy and costly process.Speed awareness course attendance for minor breaches of the speed limit you may be given the option of attending a speed awareness course. Whether this option is offered to you is at the discretion of the police and you cannot request to attend a speed awareness course instead of receiving a penalty. You will not be able to take a speed awareness course if you have attended one three years prior to the offence.If you are given the option of attending a speed awareness course and take it you will not receive any driving licence penalty points. You will however be liable for the cost of the course. You must attend the speed awareness course directed to by the police which will be in the area in which the offence was committed, rather than in the area in which you live, or the vehicle is registered.

Speed limit (MPH)Recorded Speed (MPH)
2041 and above31-4021-30
3051 and above41-5031-40
4066 and above56-6541-55
5076 and above66-7551-65
6091 and above81-9061-80
70101 and above91-10071-90
Sentencing rangeBand C fineBand B fineBand A fine
Points/disqualificationDisqualify 7-56days OR 6 pointsDisqalifiy 7-28days OR 4-6 points3 points
FineUp to £1,000
(up to £2,500 if offence committed on a motorway).
May also be required to pay costs.