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Missed Speed Awareness Course?

We receive many enquiries from people that have missed speed awareness courses for a variety of different reasons such as illness, work or just that pure fact that its slipped their mind!

There may be some good news, if you are still within time you may be able to rebook onto the course! You will however need to contact the course provider directly to see if this is possible.

If you are not eligible for the rebooked course unfortunately you will not escape justice! The police will then refer the matter to your local magistrate’s Court  within six months of the offence, where you will receive a summons for speeding!

At the Court hearing after entering a guilty plea, you will then receive the penalty points, a fine, prosecution costs and a victim surcharge!

So, if you are keen to avoid attending Court and receiving a hefty fine, please try and make sure that you attend your course!

If you need further guidance regarding a missed speed awareness course, please feel free  to find some more relevant government advice.

Alternatively, feel free to get in contact with a member of a team for some more advice or representation.

To get in contact with a member of our team from London or the South call – 0207 903 5144

Alternatively, should you be calling from Manchester or the North call – 0161 839 5117

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