Covid 19 Driving Defences Update.

We just thought we would take a minute to update our clients and followers as to what is happening within the firm at the current time.

Like most companies, following the outbreak of this pandemic we slowed things right down. Courts closed and so cases were simply adjourned to later dates.

However,  over the past few weeks the Courts have started to open and dates which had been pushed back are now being brought forward. Obviously we are communicating directly with our ongoing clients but if you are a client who is in the process of instruction, please get in touch so we can contact the Court on your behalf and get an update.

Thank you for sticking with us through the lockdown and whatever is to come next.

We really hope you all stay safe and if our need our assistance please get in touch by using the right section. Alternatively, if you are looking for government advice for covid-19.


Philip R. Trotter.


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