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Manchester Driving Solicitors

Our Manchester office is staffed by a team of skilled and experienced driving offence solicitors. We are based in the city centre and deliver the best possible driving defence service to those in need across the whole of the North of England.

We are, of course, members of the Society of Motoring Law, whose members are amongst the finest solicitors and experts working in motoring law in England and Wales. We can also boast that our director,Martin Hammond, is this year’s Chairperson of the Society of Motoring Law, acting as a figurehead to this group of expert motoring solicitors.

Martin Hammond is in charge at the Manchester branch of Hammond Trotter Solicitors. Having had huge success as a driving defence lawyer at other road traffic firms, Martin decided to set up his own company with Philip Trotter. In the years since, Martin has risen to the top of his field and he and his team here in Manchester have enjoyed huge success acting as driving offence defence solicitors.

We work with two guiding principles; that initial advice should always be free and that going to trial is not always the best defence. We understand that every case is different and we will examine yours and directly inform you of the best way to proceed for YOU and your specific driving offence case. We have become one of the leading road traffic law teams and continue to achieve and exceed the results expected of solicitors at this level.

How we work
We believe it’s necessary for all of our clients to fully understand the principles by which our driving offence solicitors operate. We consider each case individually and become acquainted with all of the finer details before advising our clients of the best way to achieve their goal in the most realistic and cost effective way.

Being charged with a motor offence is relatively common, due in part to the increased amount of speed cameras that are now in place across the UK. From our Manchester office we have acted on behalf of drivers from all walks of life, from the average UK drivers, to celebrities and footballers. We often advise and work on behalf of clients that have had clean driving licenses for a long period of time, who are confused by the penalty points process.

We understand that very person’s needs are different and that everyone, no matter their position in life, requires specialist help from experts when facing prosecution for a motoring offence.

There are various possible defences to a driving or motoring offence charge depending on the circumstances, and our specialist solicitors are highly experienced in them all. If you need some advice or help or have any further questions, please contact us in Manchester at:

Hammond Trotter Solicitors
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