Drink Driving Grandmother in Court over Driving Rampage through Village

The residents of sleepy village, Lambourn, in Berkshire watched on disbelieving this August (10/08/2014) as an elderly lady careered past homes whilst her car almost disintegrated entirely around her, Newbury magistrates heard.

The court was told how the 63 year old grandmother was finally blocked in by shocked fellow motorists after a terrifying journey through villages in which tyres shredded and smoke and sparks flew from the engine. Village roads were considerably damaged by metal wheel rims and other drivers narrowly escaped injury, fortunately.

Gail Patricia Clements speeded past residents homes in first gear and brought them running from their homes, the court heard in a hearing yesterday (Wednesday 15 October). Earlier on, cars swerved as she hurtled towards them on the wrong side of the road. But perhaps worst of all, said prosecutor, Helen Waite, was that when Mrs Clements’ rampage finally ended, “two small children got out of the car after her.”

Witness Michelle Darling gave a vivid account of the events when she first noticed the blue Vauxhall Astra near the Red Lion pub in Baydon. As it careered towards Lambourn village, she said: “The car was all over the road, first swerving over the white line, then entirely on the wrong side of the road. It would almost stop, and then speed up, all the time swaying into oncoming traffic. The tyres were completely flat!” she added. The witness continued to explain that the Astra drove right into the path of an oncoming vehicle then at the last minute, marginally avoided a collision by drastically swerving back.

When the car finally came to a halt, residents blocked it in before it could speed off again and an off-duty police officer apprehended Mrs Clements. Ms Waite said witnesses were then speechless and incredibly disturbed to see two small children climb out of the car after their grandmother.

Subsequent tests showed 114mcg of alcohol per 100ml of breath in her system – more than three times the legal limit of 35mcg. Magistrates told Mrs Clements the matter was so serious that she must be sentenced by a Crown Court judge. Clements has been bailed in the meantime and an interim driving ban has been imposed.

Martin Hammond, from Hammond Trotter solicitors says: “Being charged with a driving offence can be an incredibly distressing experience, and you will need the best possible legal help at Court. Sometimes a case has no defences but good mitigation can make the difference between a prison sentence and less onerous punishments. Having the Court understand why a specific set of circumstances occurred can make a real difference.”

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