Crackdown on motorists who dice with death by misusing rail crossings

Motorists who misuse railway crossing guidelines are being targeted by British Transport Police in a major week-long clampdown in partnership with Network Rail which launched this Monday. (29 September).

British Transport Police, who deal with these incidents on a daily basis, will be working with staff from Network Rail to carry out extra patrols across the UK in an initiative called Operation Look. Officers will talk to drivers about the dangers of misusing rail crossings and will also visit schools, youth clubs and local businesses to raise awareness of the seriousness of the issue.

Between April last year and March this year, a total of 732 UK motorists were charged or called upon for crossing misuse. A further 740 were issued with fixed penalty notices, 102 cautioned for traffic offences and 2,125 were sent on safety-awareness courses.

Martin Hammond, Partner at Hammond Trotter says: “Level crossings were built decades before our roads and railways became as busy as they are today, and so we all have to deal with their legacy. We understand that waiting at a level crossing can be frustrating, but motorists who decide to jump the lights or try and weave around a barrier for the sake of a few minutes, are open to substantial fines and points on their license and at worst, risk their lives.”
Unfortunately, decisions made in the heat of the moment can’t be taken back, but we are on hand to expertly advise you in your specific case. If you are accused of driving without due care and attention at a level crossing, the help of proficient solicitors will at best, result in a not guilty outcome, but should at least result in giving you a fair result when dealing with these serious charges.

Some 800 cumbersome level crossings have been closed in the UK in the last four years, but there are still more than 6,000 crossings on the rail network, so in the meantime, stay alert, stay safe, but remember we’re here if needs must.

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