London Driving Solicitors

London is one of the best cities in the world and we’re right at the heart of it!

At Hammond Trotter Solicitors London, firm director Philip Trotter himself oversees us in our prestigious offices in the centre of everything on Regent Street. The location is convenient and easily accessible and the driving defence solicitors are, as in our Manchester practice, the best in their field. Philip Trotter has practised as a criminal defence solicitor since 1999. He specialises in road traffic law and established Hammond Trotter Solicitors to provide the best driving defence service in the UK. Our London office opened in 2008 and has succeeded in expanding our unparalleled reputation in our great capital.

We represent and advise the good people of London in all their guises. Celebrities, Premiership footballers and most importantly the ‘ordinary’ people who keep the City positioned as the pioneering place that it is. Our clients can relax safe in the knowledge that the advice they receive is the most up to date and, most importantly, appropriate to their specific circumstances. Every case is different and requires experience, thought and attention.

Despite the prolific use of public transport in London, at Hammond Trotter, we are completely aware of how important it is for an individual to retain their driving license. We drop our kids off at school and commute to work, so we understand why driving is a necessity for many and appreciate that this freedom allows millions of us in London and Greater London to carry out our daily lives.

If you are worried about any road traffic related issue or if you are unsure if you have committed a driving offence call us. Maybe you have received a court summons, a notification of speeding or have been charged with a driving offence and aren’t confident about what to do next.

If you have any concerns around road traffic and driving offences, call us today for quick, trustworthy advice.

When you do get in touch, you will be welcomed and asked for all the details surrounding your driving offence, the more you have to give us, the better. These details could be as follows (this is not a comprehensive list):

  • Who was driving the vehicle
  • If and what you had been drinking and eating
  • What happened prior to you driving the vehicle
  • If there was a collision and if any injuries were suffered
  • If you had any passengers
  • Names and contact details of any witnesses
  • If there were any obstacles in the road
  • If you were driving under duress

We will then advise you upon how to approach your defence. We will act as your representative and do everything possible to achieve the best possible outcome for you given the circumstances.

Our knowledge of the local authorities in London can help your defence enormously. Some authorities are recognised for issuing spuriously high numbers of penalty charge notices and are notorious for overzealous enforcement of road traffic law.

Here at Hammond Trotter Solicitors, we are aware of the nuances of the London boroughs and when and where it is wise to press ahead with a particular defence. This is an invaluable level of experience.

If you have any questions or would appreciate some help and advice, please contact us by appointment in London on:

0207 903 5144
Hammond Trotter Solicitors
18 Soho Square