Personal Injury for Road Traffic Accidents

No Win No Fee. We will get you the financial appology you deserve.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Personal Injury is often provided from a variety of sources, from your local garage to claims management companies but we believe the best way to instruct a solicitor is to come and speak to one directly.   Hammond Trotter Solicitors do not deal in all aspect of personal injury we specialise only in cases which arise out of incidents on the road.

Like most we work on a No Win No Fee basis but unlike most we use our specialist knowledge in this area to ensure liability is found in your favour and you get the right level of compensation for your injury and your losses.

Our team are always on hand to talk to you throughout your case and keep you updated. We do not shy away from talking to our clients and will you not just be treated like ‘just another case.’ We make every effort to build relationships with our clients so they can see the work we do to achieve the best possible results.

You can call us or arrange to come in and see us but once you have we are sure that you will be confident that your claim is in the right hands for personal injury.