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Ask Hammond Trotter: Courts and Sentencing

Many of our clients are unsure of the process if they have to go to court, or how sentencing works.

At Hammond Trotter we aim to make the driving defence process as simple as possible and so here Phillip explains the role of the courts in driving offence cases.

Obviously every case is different, so we’d always recommend seeking further advice from a professional, specialist driving solicitor. Feel free to contact us for more information on 0161 839 5117 or via our contact form.

What is Exceptional Hardship?

One of the defences a driving solicitor might use is exceptional hardship, and you may have heard this phrase used or seen it on driving offence websites. Here one of our specialist motoring solicitors, Phillip Trotter explains exceptional hardship.

Shocking drink driving stats revealed in recent survey

Insurance Revolution has commissioned a survey of 2,000 drivers in the UK and have discovered that an astounding 1 in 5 people admit to being likely to drink and drive this Christmas. Not only this, 55.1% of British people are aware of someone who has previously driven whilst they are over the legal alcohol limit during the Christmas period. The findings also indicate that men are more likely to drink and drive at Christmas with 1 in 4 men admitting to the offence in comparison to 1 in 7 women.

It seems that despite what we have perceived to be an increase in alcohol and drink driving awareness campaigns, people are still happy to take the risk of personal injury, causing injury to others, facing a large fine, possible imprisonment or losing their licence. Drink driving is an offence that is taken seriously by the Courts and being accused of such an offence is a distressing and potentially life changing experience.

The study finds that young people age 18-34 are the most likely to drink and drive, with 30% admitting that they are likely to do so at some point over the approaching Christmas period.

Worryingly, when respondents were asked about what they believed the legal alcohol limit to be when driving, 65.8% of people had no idea. Almost exactly the same amount of people (62.10%), think that the legal limit in England should be zero. This implies that despite the lack of knowledge, people would like to see a zero tolerance policy to avoid people making mistakes behind the wheel.

This study indicates a level of confusion and two things in particular; a lack of knowledge and awareness about drink driving in general, and a trend for getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol at Christmas time.

This culture of festive drink driving highlights a need for an effective national Christmas anti drink driving campaign and improved education. Lack of clarity and understanding about legal drink drive alcohol limits can ruin lives, if you have found yourself in trouble with the law following a charge of driving under the influence, contact us and we can put our specialist knowledge and experience into practice and start to help you straight away. Also, call us if you need any further information regarding drink driving and the law, we are happy to help.